Masashi Kishimoto Loves Cats So Much, Adopts 30 Cats

Tokyo, Japan — A local hero came out of the crowd today at the Humane Animal Shelter Society of Tokyo, Japan, where local resident Masashi Kishimoto adopted 30 cats of various breeds and ages during a charity event.

Adopting the cats was absolutely free, but taking care of the cats will be a major endeavour.

A local bystander claims that Kishimoto could not decide on which cat to take home, and eventually decided to just take them all.

When asked what Kishimoto planned to do with the feline friends, Masashi replied "they are going to help me with my rat problem!" Our news team followed Kishimoto to a nearby pet store where Kishimoto bought "at least one thousand pounds of dry food and five hundred pounds of wet food," said Kishimoto.

Masashi, who admits to spending most of the day on Facebook, added "I am so happy to have all of these new friends. I've already got all of their names picked out."

Posted at 1:22PM on 06/22

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